Methods for Preparing food Steak over a Barbecue grill

It took me a lot of trips to different butcher outlets and lots of iterations in the Kitchen, till I arrived at a pleasure level with my grilled steak; a level that might be in comparison to as I was browsing renowned steakhouses. The formula to grilling your best steak involves about three factors: Steak lower, seasoning and cooking food method.

Knowing your Steak Cut

There are numerous requirements that ought to be thinking of while picking your steak minimize; one of those is definitely the origin from the steak e.g. Le Creuset grill pan, Australian meat, or the what is known as nearby beef within UAE. Once more, picking a steak of any certain origin is susceptible to personalized flavor. The kind of steak minimize is definitely the principal contributor to gain a satisfactory practical experience went cooking stake in the home. Dependent upon the quantity of fat and exactly how it really is spread, the steak minimize can have a different pain and specific flavor. You will find four typical types of steak reduce in virtually any steakhouse menus


Often referenced as Filet mignon, it is the most expansive lower of steak, due to its mild preference and minimum quantity of extra fat included. It is my favorite choice.

New York Strip

Usually referenced as best sirloin. This cut is significantly less tender compared to tenderloin, with a bit of body fat marbling throughout, creating a good beefy taste.


I think about it as your best option for hardcore Carnivore. It really is offered using a T-designed bone fragments in, with meats for both ends. This reduce has generous body fat marbling throughout, so that it is super-soft and moist, with beefy style

Rib eye

Often called as Entrecote. This cut is essentially a leading rib reduce into personal steaks. They have a great deal of body fat marbling the beef and enormous wallets of excess fat interspersed all through, so that it is added delicious with delicious beefy taste


Relating to seasoning, a genuine steak fan would prefer experiencing his/her steak style excellent, that’s why I would suggest using only a little pinch of pepper and sea sodium for seasoning a steak piece, making it for 15 minutes before cooking. After your steak is ready for ingesting, you can enjoy the assortment of sauces and toppings available for sale as well as at any steakhouse, however for barbecuing just use pepper and seas sea salt

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