Fitting UPVC Windows For a Stylish and Functional Home

Whether you’re building a new home or making over your exist ting home, fitting UPVC windows can transform your residence both in terms of style and functionality. These windows bring a rich array of advantages to any home – they’re stylish, durable, eco-friendly, easy to clean and maintain and highly weather resistant. What’s more, they can be very easy to install.

UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC-U) is an attractive material available in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can opt for a plain bright white or choose from a number of photo effect wood-finishes to achieve the look you want for your windows.

It’s also a highly durable material that will give you a lifetime of use. UPVC windows will handle anything the elements can throw at them whether sun, rain, snow or frost; and they won’t discolour, warp, crack, peel, rust, corrode or tarnish.

It’s also an eco-friendly material. For one thing, it can be recycled. There’s also the matter of better insulation. As it’s harder than wood, UPVC is better at retaining heat which makes for buildings which are more energy efficient.

These windows are easy to take  upvc windows of, too. Just wash your window frames with soap and water every now and again and they’ll keep looking spanking new for years and years. There’s no need for painting or sealing as with wood.

Another big plus for UPVC windows is their ease of installation. Fitting windows was long an involved process the good news is that fitting UPVC windows is a breeze if you use an adjustable steel fixing strap.

These items are compatible with all window types and can handle all cavity widths. These straps come in sizes of 100-200 mm with a few firms offering sizes of 250mm to fit wider cavities.

This approach makes fitting UPVC windows a snap. The steel strap clips and locks onto the outer window frame. There’s no need for screws or other fixings. Once the window is positioned in the aperture, the strap is just screwed to the interior blockwork to secure the window in position.

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