Colombia: South America’s Rising Global Trade Influencer

These were Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartels. However now they are gone. Pablo is dead and the bosses of the Cali Cartels are typical in jail. There was also a trouble with the FARC, a guerrilla party in Colombia, but that’s improved markedly. In 2012 Colombia was scored number 1 for obtaining the happiest citizens of all nations of the world. There must be reasons for this happiness.Image result for algunas mujeres colombianas dicen

Colombia is a country that is acutely bio-diverse. Colombia has edges on two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Working from North to South through the united states will be the Andes Mountains wherever you will find peaks as tall as 18,700 feet. To the southwest is the Amazon Rain Forest. Due to the different altitudes and their close distance to the equator, Colombia has a variety of areas and rising seasons.

Colombia develops the most effective coffee in the world. The conditions for growing coffee are great with two growing conditions each year. There are also areas that are like spring every day, cities like Medellin. Colombia is a number one rose exporter on the planet because of its ideal growing conditions. Colombia also offers great reserves in oil, emeralds, and gold. In any Colombian food store you’ll find a massive variety of fruits and vegetables, all domestically grown. The variety of different fruits in Colombia is gigantic. And on top of that Colombia has a number of the friendliest persons in all the world the website.

There are always a vast number of things to do during Colombia. You can find countless museums, lake trips, national areas, beaches, wonderful villages, hectic large towns, beautiful hill terrain, and jungles to see and explore. There’s also many different small to big cities that most have their very own identity and character. For instance, there’s Medellin the town of endless spring, there is Cali having its ideal climate and their reputation if you are the salsa capital of the entire world, and there’s Cartagena the walled town on the Caribbean coast.

Bogota is the money of Colombia with a citizenry of around five million in the event that you contain its bordering metropolitan areas, and it is the home for a lot of global companies. Cartagena is just a city on the Caribbean Sea that attracts individuals from all around the earth due to the architecture and charm. Barranquilla is yet another town on the Caribbean Sea, and it hosts a carnaval that is perfectly identified and popular. Popayan and Mompos are two smaller towns which are also charming cities with colonial architecture. You can find countless areas to see in Colombia, way too many to say in this short article.

Yet another really desirable part to residing in Colombia is the realistic charge of living. There are towns in Colombia which have a price of residing lower than anywhere in South America. One does not compromise significantly with this specific lower cost of living. In the larger towns you will find modern and extensive mass transit systems. The properties are effectively created and dust inexpensive, to lease and to buy.

Food expenses are suprisingly low and there’s an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat. Bread is nearly all produced in local bakeries and is very inexpensive. Medical insurance is extremely cheap and the Colombian healthcare program is quite good. A few in Colombia pays about $40 per month for health insurance. Furniture in Colombia is mainly handmade and expenses about 1 / 2 of what you might buy equivalent furniture in the United States.

Colombia features a really secure democracy and is growing annually at an interest rate in excess of 5% a year. For an employer, the wage costs are a small fraction of what is paid in the United States. Colombia is a much more capitalistic culture than the United States. Nearly all the firms in Colombia are little businesses. Also the entry into a company is low priced and does not have any red tape. One can rent your small business website for as low as $100 per month. Colombia remains a nation where the stone and mortar stores rule the market.

Another misconception of Colombia issues the folks; Colombians. The entire world has it in your mind that Colombia is filled by a lenders ready to do harm. Nothing could possibly be farther from the truth. The overall populace of Colombia is really a very confident, proud persons more focused on amusing and protecting their foreign visitors than anything. Upon making Colombia many people and backpackers report they can’t feel how pleasant the people are and how they believed secure and well received. The final several years Colombia has built huge gets in security and the friendliness of the folks has become generally identified and renowned.

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